Perhaps more contentious than the vagina panels, this piece is clearly demonstrating genitals in an aroused state. The intention is not to be erotic and in my view it neatly sidesteps eroticism, in the same way as the vagina panels are not erotic: the juxtaposition of so many, in a pure white formation, disassociate the sculpture from the body. In many ways it is more comical than The Great Wall of Vagina, as they’re all waving about at jaunty angles. The whimsical title is a pun, in reference to how the male ego is wrapped up in their dicks and their cars.

There is however a serious side to the work, which is intended to perform the same function on a smaller scale as The Great Wall of Vagina. Men’s insecurities around their genitals are often informed by images from pornography. I didn’t cast flaccid penises because it’s the size of their erect penis that men are concerned with. Most men have never seen another man’s erection in the flesh. Many men who have seen this piece are utterly fascinated. It is human nature to want to know where we fit in. The general comment has been - “Ok, now I get what the vagina wall is all about”.

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