These panels are constructed from plaster casts taken from women’s vulvas in exactly the same way as The Great Wall of Vagina. The original casts have been re-moulded and cast again to produce these limited edition panels. Their presentation is the same style of powder- coated, aluminium frames as The Great Wall of Vagina panels but none of the panels for sale has the 4x10 format. That is reserved just of The Great Wall of Vagina, which is a unique sculpture.

The Great Wall of Vagina has had such an impact on the lives of women that the artist has resisted offers from private collectors. He believes it needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Hence it is only for sale if the buyer plans to display it publically. As it can, however, only be in one place at one time, he has created these other panels that will end up all over the world, spreading the word and interest in the original artwork.

The panels are each limited to just 6 of each format. Panels may also be commissioned to any size and shape and may contain casts made specifically for you.

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