Oli Bennet Charitable Trust

18 June 2015

Oli Bennett Charitable Trust
Three of the postcards were bought by one person who had them framed all together.
Parsva Dhanurasana

Oli Bennett was killed in the 2001 World Trade Centre attacks. He was covering an important conference, held at the very top of one of the towers, in his capacity as a successful financial journalist. He was 29.

As a tribute to Oli, his family and friends created a charity, The Oli Bennett Charitable Trust, to help young people, from all backgrounds, get their business ideas off the ground and turned into sustainable, profitable organisations, whatever their scale. The aim is to provide financial support, where other methods of fundraising may have failed, and to offer advice. Grants will be considered for those applicants aged between 18 to 30 years old, and who are UK residents. We awarded our first funding in 2002 to a pet grooming enterprise, Pampered Pets.

Oli Bennet Secret Cards is a secret sale of postcards created by artists, whose names remain anonymous until after the sale. Over the years numerous artists have contributed to our sales including Sir Peter Blake, Invader, DFace, Faile, Peter Jones, Ray Richardson, Anita Klein, Patrick Hughes, Josie McCoy, Guy Denning, Remi Rough, Candice Tripp, Kipper Williams, Susie Hamilton, Wayne Chisnall, Michael DeFeo, Elinor Evans, Paul Benjamins, MOMO and Sandra Chevrier.  We’ve also had contributions from famous actors and other media celebrities and are very proud that one of our previous contributors, Eddie Redmayne, has gone on to win an Oscar!